A downloadable game for Windows

Goat Nirvana Island is a wonderful place, full of all the shrubs a goat could ever dream of eating. Unfortunately all the goats are currently stuck on the faraway Goat Starter Island, and the path between the two is fraught with peril. Play as the collective will of a herd of goats and guide your flock to paradise, trying not to let too many of them get slaughtered along the way.

Our original idea was a creative mash-up of Silent Hill, Don't Starve and Sheep. This may have been overly ambitious for the three days we were given, but the end result is a very fun (if short) demo of what this idea could become with a tiny bit more work. It's also a very fine looking island full of very fine looking goats, if I do say so myself.

Install instructions

Download zip.


Run exe.


Goats.zip 41 MB